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The Payne Promise

We guarantee bag weight

  • We use Trading Standards stamped weighing equipment to ensure the weight on the bag is in the bag.

  • We use check weights to ensure the continuing accuracy of the bag weighing equipment.

  • We weigh all lorries (bag and bulk) in and out of the site over a well maintained and calibrated weighbridge. Trading standards carry out spot checks on our weighbridge.

Bag quality is assured

  • We use bag suppliers who are ISO9001 accredited, our bags meet the EU ISO21898 standards.

  • We use bags that have been tested to lift 6 times their intended capacity.

  • We use a 75 micron thick liner to eliminate moisture ingress.

  • We store our bags under cover prior to despatch.

Nutrient accuracy is precise

  • We test all raw materials imported by ourselves to ensure we know the exact nutrient content of each cargo.

  • We only buy raw material from UK suppliers who are F.I.A.S. registered and we insist on a certificate of conformity.

  • We sample and analyse finished blends regularly.

  • We use a bespoke formulation system to accurately calculate the ingredients required for a blend. 

  • We have full traceability of raw materials from source to bag.

  • We train our staff on the importance of fertiliser security.

  • We follow all security regulations.

  • We are members of FIAS

Security trained and compliant

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