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Carbon Footprint


Carbon Footprint statement from Payne Crop Nutrition

Agriculture has a key role to play in the UK Governments strategy to deliver Carbon Neutral by 2050.  UK Agriculture accounts for approx. 9% of UK GHG emissions. We at Payne Crop Nutrition are committed to focusing on reducing our Carbon Footprint with positive actions and activities while continuing to supply great quality products and services.

We plan to implement these changes over the next coming months. Here are some examples of what we are doing to reduce our Carbon Footprint and reduce waste.

  • We will soon be capable of declaring the Carbon Footprint of all our products supplied,  using bespoke blends alone reduces both Carbon Footprint and waste.

  • We coat our products upon request with Circular Economy Sulphate based Manganese & Zinc – ZM-Grow which reduces Carbon Footprint by 50% vs mined products (Ref NordicCo2 Offset)  - Find Out More ...

  •  Energy at our Fakenham production facility will come from sustainable energy sources.

  •  Our 600kg/1000kg bag suppliers will be using recycled materials in the bag production process.

  • We actively promote the use of physical BULK fertiliser, which cuts out cost of using bags and used bag waste which reduces cost to our customers. 

All these activities will be measurable and declared once we have all the process and systems in place.

Environment & Sustainability

We source all our raw materials from long-standing and environmentally aware suppliers, this includes us currently declaring Heavy Metal content upon request.  During the coming months we will be able to declare a Carbon Footprint for every tonne we supply, which aligns with product source traceability of customers and the UK being Carbon Neutral by 2050. 

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