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Our Team

DALE PAYNE - Director

Dale has over 35 years experience of blending fertiliser at Fakenham and Beeston. He is responsible for overseeing the smooth operation of Payne Crop Nutrition.


Phone:  01328 864864

DAVID HARROD - Commercial Director - FACTS Qualified

David has over 40 years of experience and knowledge of the crop nutrition business. He was formerly joint Managing Director of J&H Bunn based in Great Yarmouth. 

David brings a wealth of in depth knowledge on commerce and the trade.


Phone:  07917 212282


BRETT FORDHAM - Commercial Manager - FACTS Qualified

Brett joined Paynes from Anglia Farmers where he was fertiliser and seed product manager for 9 years. Brett has spent his entire professional life in the agricultural industry and has a wide range of knowledge.


Phone:  07788 455075

JEREMY HITCHAM - Consulting Technical Director - FACTS Qualified/Examiner

Jeremy has over 25 years of experience and knowledge of crop nutrition. His technical attention to detail is well known in the industry. Jeremy was a former Technical Sales Manager with J&H Bunn dealing personally with farmers.


Phone: 07795 233202

MATTHEW TOOLEY - Formulation, IT and Infrastructure Consultant

Matthew is responsible for IT, infrastructure and blend formulations. He has over 20 years experience of blending and of FIAS to assure fertiliser security and traceability in the industry supply chain. Matthew was a former Operations Director of J&H Bunn of Great Yarmouth. 


KEITH PARKER - Sales Manager - FACTS Qualified

Keith has been involved in sales of sugar beet, potatoes and vegetable fertilisers across East Anglia for over 28 years. He will be a first point of contact for many farmers.


Phone: 07766 147688

MIRIAM WALLER - Accounts, Admin and CSU Manager

Miriam was involved in administration and accounts for Payne Bros (EA) Ltd and for J&H Bunn Ltd for 15 years. Her experience and skill makes sure systems run smoothly and orders are efficiently dealt with, whilst looking after customer service.


Phone: 01328 864864


Toby Mitchell - Customer Service and Logistics Manager

Toby is our customer service and logistics manager, focused on co-ordinating deliveries and supplying customers with their orders, on time, in bulk or bags. 


JIM HOLT - Independent Crop Nutrition Specialist - FACTS Qualified

After a fertiliser career spanning 43 years with J&H Bunn Ltd, Jim has now started his own business supplying fertiliser and giving independent crop nutrition advice. We are pleased to

support Jim in his new venture.  


Phone:  07538 226293

GEMMA HAMMOND - Soil Sampling and Sales Advisor - FACTS Qualified

Gemma is our FACTS trained Sales Advisor and will take care of all your soil sampling needs. She calls on farmers in East Anglia. She is  involved in technological developments, new customer sales and renewables.  


Phone:  07927 700810

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