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RE-Energise your Soils with Humates from Payne Crop Nutrition

Sustainable Innovative Agriculture

Healthy Soils = Healthy Crops 


Payne Crop Nutrition are now able to add Soluble Carbon from Humic

Substances to ANY NPK Blends & Straights - Powered by Orgamino


Benefits of adding Humates to PCN Bespoke Blends


  • Builds up Organic matter in soils and helps improve soil structure.

  • Promotes soil microbial activity

  • Promotes breakdown of soil & plant toxins

  • Improves Cation-Exchange Capacity thus improving soil moisture retention capacity

  • Increases efficiency of Nutrients in soils for plant root uptake

  • The stimulatory effects of humic substances have been directly correlated with enhanced uptake of macronutrients, such as nitrogen, phosphorus, sulphur (Chen and Aviad, 1990) and micronutrients, i.e. Fe, Zn, Cu and Mn. (Chen et al, 1999)

  • Humic substances act as a storehouse of N, P, S, and Zn (Frank and Roeth, 1996)

  • The addition of humic substances to soils, including calcareous soils, can stimulate growth beyond the effects of mineral nutrients alone (Chen, et al, 1999).

  • General inclusion rate of 60-70kg/Ha may be beneficial to soil health. (Jeremy Hitcham)

  • Ideal for low till/No till farming

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Some Humic References for further reading:






  • Verlinden G et al. Application of humic substances results in consistent increases in crop yield and nutrient uptake. J. Plant Nutrition 32(9):1407-1426, 2009. 

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