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Nutri-Charge [Optimised Phosphate]


Payne Crop Nutrition is delighted to announce an exclusive range of Optimised Phosphateproducts to help British Farmers grow better crops.

The Optimised Phosphaterange uses Phosphate coated with Nutricharge Phosphate enhancer, specifically formulated to boost Phosphate availability across all pH soil types. On average, Nutricharge treated Phosphate is 30-40% more available to the crop, which can lead to significant yield increases.

The Background

Phosphate is an essential nutrient for plant establishment and root development, but due to it’s negative charge up to 90% of Phosphate applied in fertiliser can be locked up in the soil and unavailable to the plant, even when freshly applied in fertiliser. Increasing root mass in the first six weeks of plant growth is key to yield, but when Phosphate is locked up in the soil it can inhibit plant establishment and lead to poor performance. Phosphate is also an essential nutrient for photosynthesis, and important in the active uptake of other nutrients, such as Nitrogen.

The premise is simple: increase your Phosphate availability, increase your yields.

The Science

Nutricharge works by forming a shield around the Phosphate to prevent it being fixated in the soil and thus making it more available to the plant. The Nutricharge molecule is applied to Phosphate during the blending process and can be supplied on straight Phosphate products, or in an NPK or PK blend. Nutricharge’s large molecule size, combined with its negative charge enables it to minimise fixation between anions – such as phosphorus and sulphur – and cations, such as calcium, magnesium, and iron. Since cationic and anionic nutrients are not consumer by the fixation process, they are available to the plant.

Nutricharge manages negative interactions with cations in the soil. When coated on Phosphate it creates a sphere of availability for phosphate improving uptake and efficiency.

The Results

In spite of the challenging growing conditions, 2018 Angus Potato trials showed an increase in tuber numbers by 10.7% and an increase in seed yield by 7.6%, leaving the grower with an improved gross margin of over £900/Ha after the extra spend of £18/Ha – a return on investment of 50 to 1. Carrot trials showed a 23% increase in Carrot numbers, with a yield increase of 1300kg/Ha. This increased the GM by £390/ha with a return on investment of 78 to 1.

In both cases, reducing the lock up of Phosphate had clearly increased “root miles” – the development of roots – for the plant. This reduces stress on the plant through improved plant nutrition, and significantly improved marketable yields, substantiating a valuable return on investment.

Don’t let your plant go hungry from the start!

Payne Crop Nutrition Optimised Phosphate

Payne Crop Nutrition has the facilities and technical expertise to provide the optimum fertilisers to suit the requirements of your soil. Our ‘Optimised Phosphate’ range can be bespoke blended and tailored to suit a soil analysis result, meaning we are only providing the crop with the nutrients that it needs. All products in the ‘Optimised Phosphate’ range are blended using Nutricharge-coated Phosphate.

For more information or advice on the Payne Crop Nutrition range, please contact us today on 01328 864 864 and speak to one of our FACTS qualified advisors or email us at

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