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Logistics and Equipment


Our barrel batch blenders and bagging plants are capable of producing  multi blend grades daily to meet your crop and soil-analysis nutrient requirements. We are FIAS registered and safety compliant.

We can produce your product in bulk or 600 or 1000 Kg bags.  All our product is carefully stored under cover and we strive to ensure that we deliver quality products to our customers. We are constantly expanding and upgrading equipment and storage in order to give the highest quality service possible.

Our logistics capability is focused on supplying customers with their orders on time in bags or bulk as required by the spreading team.

We co-ordinate through established hauliers that have been delivering and collecting to and from the Fakenham site for many years. We have completed construction of a new bulk and bag storage shed that enables us to handle peak spring demand efficiently across East Anglia.

For more information, feel free to contact Danny Blake, our Site & Logistics manager -

Tel: 01328 864864    


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